— your new bestseller!
we will share ready-made cases and tell you how to sell yacht-safari to turn «regular tourists» into “happy and tanned” tourists who come back to you again and again.
Ника Бирман, ген. директор Maldivian Charter Club
November 16 | Wednesday
Starts at 16:30
Super Yacht instead of a hotel
Tbilisi Wine Museum
8 Sioni Street, Tbilisi, Georgia
for travel agents
for tour operators
for tour leaders
for MICE agencies
for dive clubs
for freediving clubs
for surf clubs
Presentation Program
Wednesday, November 16
16:30 – 16:59
16:30 – 16:59
Welcome guests
Tour of the mystical territory of the Tbilisi wine museum
17:00 – 17:59
17:00 – 17:59
Super-Yachts instead of a hotel
Presentation of the new tour. product
18:00 – 19:30
18:00 – 19:30
Wine tasting with a certified sommelier
Safari is a top alternative to a hotel vacation
All the beauty and all the attractions of the Maldives archipelago - in one week
  • A rich program of each cruise
    Diving (if certified) or surfing, desert island landings, snorkeling and fishing, shark feeding and manta watching, torchlight barbecues on wild beaches, and cocktail parties
  • New experiences in a new world
    A yacht is a completely different way of life. There's picturesque scenery all around, even if you're just enjoying your favorite cocktail in the Jacuzzi. And beneath your bare feet is a warm teak floor.
  • Rest in good company
    The yacht can be booked in its entirety, or it can be booked by room - and if the client travels alone - even by room! In that case he does not have to pay extra for SGL accommodation. However, if it is important to the client to live alone - it is possible. Maldivian safaris are both private rest on a "closed" yacht for VIP clients, and rest in "their" hangout for any group.
  • Depending on the type of yacht different entertainments are available
    Jacuzzi and SPA, innovative yoga on air mattresses in the middle of the open ocean, sapsurfing and wakeboarding, jet skis, bananas and scooters, as well as a water slide, "donuts", flyboarding and even "water golf.
  • No hidden fees
    All program services are already included in the package
  • The price of the program is lower than a similar set of services in the hotel
    And most of our offerings have no analogues on land at all
  • Peter Desyatov
At the presentation we will discuss
why everyone is excited about safari: customers, operators, and travel agents
which yachts in our fleet are the best of the best
how to sell Maldivian safaris so that tourists return to you again and again
why you can't choose a yacht by pictures, pitfalls and pitfalls
which boat to choose for family cruises, which one for diving, and which one for lifestyle safaris
how to work through us: we will tell you about prices, conditions, and how the booking process works
Working with us is reliable and easy
Your clients will appreciate our capabilities and level of service. We will go into more detail at the presentation.
  • 18 years of analysis
    on Maldivian safaris and large amounts of interactions every day. we have real and proven knowledge and want to share it with you
  • The best rates
    we have direct contracts with yachts and hotels. commission for agents, net prices for tour operators
  • We are always there for you
    we solve force majeure cases with a single call, even when we are on the other side of the globe
  • We can do everything
    fresh flowers for cabin or yacht decoration, a cake, a romantic dinner on a tropical night, SPA treatments, aromatherapy on a sunny deck... your customers required, we realized
  • We love our job
    we are in love with yachts and ready to share this passion with you
Event organized by Big Ocean Emotion

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Email: peter@maldiviancharter.club